Asphalt/Concrete Plants and Asphalt Paving Contractors

T.K.M.S./Lou’s provide the delivery of raw materials such as concrete, broken asphalt and recyclable materials to asphalt and concrete plants throughout Southeast Michigan. We also deliver the materials to produce asphalt and concrete.

Our team can handle all your materials hauling needs. We provide on-time, hot asphalt hauling services for a variety of paving contractors such as Ajax Materials Corporation. Our trucking fleet is also contracted to handle general materials hauling needs - whether it be for removal or delivery of materials.


Bridge Builders

Do you need hauling services to remove dirt, broken concrete and asphalt from your bridge demolition site? Are you looking for fill materials such as sand, gravel, dirt, topsoil, concrete, and asphalt?  T.K.M.S./Lou’s can provide these materials quickly, and on-time, by providing you with the trucks you need to get your job done.

We have provided commercial contractors working on Southeast Michigan overpasses with courteous, safe, and on-time deliveries for over three decades.


Department of Public Works

T.K.M.S./Lou’s is a trusted contractor among the Department of Public Works to provide outstanding service and delivery of materials such as sand, gravel, topsoil and dirt in and out of their municipalities. The cities of Bloomfield Hills, Auburn Hills and many others in Southeast Michigan rely on T.K.M.S./Lou’s to safely handle their trucking needs, and to insure the well-being of their residents and motorists.

We have decades of experience supplying the Department of Public Works' supply yards with limestone, road gravel, sand and crushed concrete to go out and do their jobs. We are known for dependability and timeliness - so our clients have the supplies they need to stay on schedule.


Demo Contractors

Are you a demolition contractor or reconstruction contractor looking for the removal of materials from your residential or commercial site?

We provide demolition contractors tearing down houses and schools in the cities of Pontiac and Detroit with materials hauling to landfills, and recycle all their concrete and asphalt debris.

We also provide contractors with dirt or Class II sand to back-fill after demolition.

Our crew is licensed and state-approved, and skilled at working with existing residential and commercial builders. We will seamlessly work within any schedule or site restrictions. Let our team of safe and professional drivers work for you. 


Environmental and Landfill

At T.K.M.S./Lou’s, safety is our primary concern, that’s why many contractors only trust our team to haul contaminated materials safely to designated landfills for environmental treatment. We have worked on a variety of contamination projects including removal of contaminated soil from gas stations, old factories and brownstone clean-ups. All materials are disposed of safely and carefully in a Type II landfill.

We also haul sand, gravel, pea stone and clay to landfill sites for the construction of new disposal areas. T.K.M.S./Lou's Transport also serves Southeast Michigan landfills by providing materials for new roadways - dirt cover or new cells that are being built.  Our hauling team has served local landfills by providing them with materials for over 30 years.


Road Builders

We provide the service of hauling materials such as sand and gravel to road construction sites, as well as the hauling of dirt, concrete, and asphalt out. We have an extensive history working with the Department of Public Works, working on city and county roads, private roads, driveways, highways and city streets.

Contact us for hourly and on-time trucking rates scheduled seamlessly with your road building job.


Select Homebuilders

Premier Michigan home builders call T.K.M.S./Lou’s for competitive pricing, outstanding customer service, and on-time hauling of materials to and from their home sites.

We’ve worked with some of the best home builders in the Southeast Michigan area, such as Pulte Homes, Infinity Homes, Pinnacle Homes, Acadia Homes and many others. Contact us for a quote and a list of our services. 


Site and Underground Contractors

We provide materials such as asphalt, topsoil, sand, 6A stone and dirt to site contractors in Southeast Michigan.

We also have decades of experience working with underground contractors specializing in the following types of projects: installation of new water and sewer pipes in residential and commercial job sites, the installation of storm and sanitary sewer systems, sanitary lift stations, fire-line suppression, gas station reconstruction, water main work, and plumbing. 

Many underground contractors work with us because of our core values, professional drivers, on-time deliveries, and stellar safety record. Please contact us for a quote. 


General Contractors

Our team provides a variety of services for both residential and commercial contractors. We can remove all of your demolition debris, concrete and asphalt from your site. We can also transport excess soils from your site and import all your aggregate needs for your project.

We serve clients in the following industries: new hospital additions, automotive industry, schools and educational facilities, athletic stadiums, factories and industrial complexes.

Some of our clients include Barton Malow, St. Joe's Hospital, Wayne State University, General Development, U.S. Farathane, Faurecia General, Walbridge and the Sterling Heights Chrysler Assembly Plant.