Barton Malow Co.

Even though we’ve only been doing business with Barton Malow for less than five years, the volume of work we do with them puts them up in the rank with one of our most used customers.  Barton Malow is located in Southfield, Michigan, and offers services such as construction management, design/build, general contracting, and integrated project delivery. They have used T.K.M.S. and Lou’s Transport to haul on jobs such as St. Joe’s Hospital, Pontiac, in 2012; transporting materials such as sand, natural stones, and crushed concrete.  We are also currently working with Barton Malow at St. Joe’s, Ypsilanti and Wayne State University, Detroit.

Phase I - We worked on two new building expansions - excavating for the building expansions and hauling away all the soil and bringing in all the materials for new underground utilities and excavation back-fill.