T.K.M.S Inc., is focused on becoming the best construction commodity haulers in Southeast Michigan.  To realize that objective, we constantly work to improve our safe work practices to protect lives, property and profit. 

Our process begins by hiring the best, most qualified individuals available to operate, maintain and manage our equipment.  After successfully completing a number of qualifying checks, newly hired team members receive orientation training with our Human Resources, Driver Trainer and Safety Departments.  A key item in our safety training curriculum is the Smith System’s Five Keys to Space Cushion Driving, which has been taught to all team members for more than a decade. 

Proper personnel protective equipment is issued and its use is required.  All team members are well trained in order to operate safely, and properly serve our customers.

Additionally, fleet safety is further driven by proper pre-trip inspections, documented post-trip inspection reports, and scheduled preventive maintenance.